23 October 2014


 Representatives of company WESTT (France) Frédéric LE MOULLEC Business Development manager and R & D manager Frédéric ROLLAND visited MATI at 23 October 2014 with aim to discuses the possibility of promotion DGEN innovative technologies through university environment. The company specializes in compact aircraft turbojet engines. The main product is lightweight, quiet engine under the brand DGEN for small aircraft (Personal Light Jets). The company is promoting through leading aerospace universities in the world the technology design, simulation and testing of aircraft engines. Frédéric LE MOULLEC has made an interesting presentation about innovation offered by the company and discussions with representatives of MATI Aerospace Department and students about new technologies in education.5.jpg

29 April 2014

In the Hall of Academic Council on April 29 the meeting of students and university staff with a representative KEDGE Business School Professor Andrew Roberts was held. At the beginning of the meeting the director of the Institute of Management, Economics and Social Technologies Professor R.S.Golov asked the students to actively use international links of MATI to achieve modern European -level business education in the walls of the home university. Andrew Roberts has made an interesting presentation. He noted the importance of international cooperation in the field of business education and spoke in detail about the possibilities and conditions of obtaining the diploma KEDGE Business School for our students without interrupting studying in MATI. During the open discussion after the presentation MATI students were able to get satisfactory answers to their questions. 


1 November 2013

8.jpgGroup of professors from Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials & Surface Technology, Harbin Engineering University visited MATI. The visit dealt with realization of joint project RFFI-GFEN "Development and investigation of deformed alloys with anisotropy controlled properties". Delegation from China was acquainted with MATI laboratories and chairs. Head of International Department professor A.S. Grabilnikov made presentation about main directions of scientific and educational activity of our University. Researchers from Department of Material Science presented their activity in the field of utilization of Ti alloys in medicine. 

26 November 2013

7.jpgDelegation of Hanoi Technological University (HTU) visited MATI on 26 November 2013. The purpose of the visit is to coordinate the educational plans and programs for the future joint educational project, which will start in 2014-2015 academic year. Representatives from HTU Educational Department discussed with Head of International Department A.S. Grabilnikov and Head of the chair "Design of Computer Complexes" professor V.V. Shilov appropriate problems and defined the future stages of joint activity. 

28 October 2013

9.jpgPresident of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd., COMAC Mr. He Dongfeng and his colleagues visited MATI and carried on negotiations with MATI administrations and scientists. The perspectives of mutual cooperation in science and technology were discussed and both sides expressed the desire to increase joint interaction. 

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