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Institute of "Aerospace Constructions, Technologies and Control Systems"


Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering works in the sphere of aircraft and spacecraft engineering and design. It also concerns the problems of various equipment development providing the normal operation of the aircraft, their complexes and systems.

Objects of Bachelor's professional activity are airplanes, helicopters, rockets, spacecraft, technical systems (engines, life ensuring and protection facilities, launch and other ground complexes) and technological processes for their manufacturing.

The Institute consists of the Departments:

• Testing of aircraft

 Space Telecommunications

Electronics, telecommunications and nanotechnology

Launch complexes

 System analysis

 The technology of design and production of aircraft engines

• Technology for design and operation of aircraft

 The technology for production of aircraft control information systems

 The technology of aircraft production.


Bachelor Degree programs. Design and technology of electronic equipment, Avionics, Laser technologies, Applied mechanics, Missile complexes and cosmonautics, Aircraft design and technology, Engines of flight vehicles,  System analysis and control, Laser technologies

Master Degree programs  Design and technology of electronic equipment, Missile complexes and cosmonautics, Aircraft design and technology, Engines of flight vehicles, System analysis and control, Economics


Ph.D. programs Mathematics and mechanics, Computer and informational science, Physics and astronomy, Chemical science, Informatics and computer engineering, Electronics, radio-engineering and communication systems, Fotonics, Optical and bio-technical systems and technologies, Machine building, Chemical technologies, Technosphere safety, Technology of materials, Aerospace technology, Control of technical systems, Economics, Education and pedagogical sciences.